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Is attempting to change TV seeing yet again, after the tepid response to its Google TV thing two or three years back. This time, rather than building a perplexing structure to convey applications and Web highlight to the TV, the chase beast is taking a more direct approach. It has developed somewhat, unassuming contraption called Google Chromecast HDMI Streaming Media Player that remotely streams to the TV screen the component and music from tablets, phones and portable PCs you as of late own and know how to use. Chromecast is a little fob, about the size and condition of a USB glint drive, that fittings into a standard HDMI port, the kind found on practically every HDTV. It takes basically $35. It partner with your WiFi framework and can stream highlight and sound from tablets and mobile phones running Google’s Android , and also Macintosh’s AAPL +0.73%iPhone and iPad. It can moreover stream Pages to the TV from Google’s Chrome system running on Macintosh portable PCs, Windows tablets, and Google’s marvelous Pixel Chromebook advanced cell.

There is no remote control, in light of the way that you stop, play, control volume and switch applications and media using the related contraptions themselves. The Chromecast HDMI draws electric power either by associating with a divider outlet, or into a USB port on the TV. It must be on the same WiFi organize as the contraptions you’re using to stream. I’ve been attempting Chromecast for a week, and I like it and can propose it, regardless of a couple weaknesses. The best: It just works so far with a modest bunch of adaptable applications, most noticeably Netflix NFLX – 6.39% and Google’s YouTube. I attempted Chromecast on two separate HDTV one plus or minus five years old, one glossy new and on an Android tablet and wireless, an iPhone and iPad, and a Windows compact PC and a Macintosh advanced mobile phone every one running the Chrome program. It functioned admirably in each circumstance, however a couple of its subordinate qualities which turn on the TV and switch inputs just wore down the fresher TV. On my Android test devices, you could ban to the TV highlight from Netflix, YouTube and the Android highlight and music players the fundamental Android adaptable applications that work now with Chromecast.

Using the Chrome program on a Macbook Air and an Acer Windows 8 versatile PC, I could play highlight and sound, and presentation substance and representation, from a wide blend of Website pages. This uses a method called “reflecting,” which basically imitates on the TV what’s on the system page as appeared on the workstation. When you expected to watch a component from the project, I was typically prepared to discard accidental material by setting the element to full screen see on the machine. This dependence on the cloud as opposed to the contraption is also why Google need to work engineer by-designer to spread the use of Chromecast, while Fruit doesn’t. Besides, as said more than, one of its more wonderful, yet minor, offers simply taken a shot at the new TV I attempted. This trademark turns on the TV, and changes therefore to the HDMI information holding the Chromecast, when you decide.

Technology of Xbox One


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During the conference on games, the announcement was made about Xbox one technology. The new system has an interface adapted to run Windows universal platform applications.

The new interface will be introduced along with the update November Xbox One. The recently released Windows 10, when running on millions of computers, smartphones and tablets in November will have its use releases in video game Xbox One, as the announcement on Tuesday.


The Xbox One will also take advantage of the functions of personal assistant Cortana, using the Kinect motion sensor. The arrival of Windows 10 to the console Xbox One, make it possible to record TV programs and share with other users with access to the new system.


Details of Xbox One

According to Microsoft, the November update of the Xbox One will bring a new faster interface and the console operating system will be Windows 10.


The update will also include support for backward compatibility. So that users can run Xbox 360 games on the new console and take advantage of features such as support for screenshots, streaming, and recording starts. Besides, the control takes when you are not playing – for example when watching a movie (TV!) Or go away, and enters a power save mode. Something similar happens in Xbox 360: when it gets too long without use, it turns itself off.


The new Console tab on the Home screen helps you save time by offering quick access to features such as console configuration, buddies and more.


The November update of the Xbox One will also introduce the new Community section, which will include a feed of activities so you can see what your friends are up to, chat and more on your Computer.


The One Guide will also change and will display all about movies, TV, and apps. You can see a list of favorite TV shows, show the programming mode instantly, and picture-in-picture allow the user to continue watching TV while browsing through other sections.


The store will also be optimized to facilitate the search and content discovery


With the current Microsoft’s efforts to ensure that the maximum number of houses has a Windows 10 device. Hence, we learn that the Xbox One console is considered a Windows 10 device.


Speaking at Citi Global Technology Conference (via Dual Shockers), the head of the company’s marketing said the following:


“Success for us, goes through in two years, under 10 billion Windows devices 10 active, connected and regular use,” said Capossela.


“This gives you an idea of what matters to us. Of course we care about revenue, profits and sharing of results, but also care about use. We must be more focused on realizing what people use in day- to-day and how they deal with our products. If we have met many people, the indicators rise is inevitable. ”


“Thus, our primary metric are Windows 10. No devices it is a PC statement. They are mobile phones, tablets, laptops, desktops, the hub surface and even Xbox. The Xbox one today run Windows, so every time we sell one we are contributing to the increase in the installed base of Windows.


The cross-platform nature of Windows 10 largely explains the ease with which the console can connect transparently with a ComputerPC running Windows 10.

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